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Hollywood Smile – Only nature can copy us….!
We are at the forefront in the field of Hollywood Smile makeup, as we handcraft our own techniques to attain a natural, beautiful and healthy smile.

We create our own custom made brands for you…

Non ceramic Hollywood Smile veneers with our in-clinic direct colour blend with an immediate and brilliant result at an affordable price.

We provide beautiful ceramic veneers for attractive Hollywood smile with our cutting-edge technique along with in-clinic hand craft touch to achieve natural colour and shape, Cerakool veneers are unparallel with any other ceramic veneers in the market.

Bu-dent ®
Compo whitening technique achieving a soft pearly white long lasting colour. It is our in-clinic and at home non-invasive whitening technique.


We don’t just align your teeth, we create beautiful faces.

  • Invisalign(Transparent Appliance)
  • Ceramic and Metal Braces
  • Habit Breaking Appliance
  • Myofunctional Appliance
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring Management


Achieve Facial balance and Harmony with a combination of Orthodontic treatment and Cosmetic dentistry that takes your whole face into account.


“ Look younger, Feel younger”

Now you can enhance your facial beauty with our in-clinic nonsurgical anti-aging facelift procedure which is a combination of cosmetic dental procedure augmented by a touch of facial filler and Botox that provide you the attractiveness that you deserve.


We care your child as you do! The first step of oral care begins from the kids.
Sedative Dentistry


Say goodbye to bleeding and inflamed gums with our proper gum care procedures and change the concept of ‘ A green apple with bleeding bite!’

We provide you a painless and noninvasive treatment for pigmented gums and gummy smile with the Laser treatment.


The best solution to replace your missing teeth that makes you feel natural and comfortable. We offer you the best and guaranteed implants.


  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Crown & Bridges
  • Partial &Complete Dentures
  • Tooth Fillings : No Fear, No Pain, No Needles, No Drills
  • Gum Care & Bad Breath Management
  • Extractions

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Royal Dental Care L.L.C
orthodontist based in the emirate of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with over twenty-five years of experience, covering all aspects of dental, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry practices.

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